Youth today, anywhere in the world, are looking at a very challenging future for the planet, for societies and for individuals. They have to atone for actions they did not commit and to repair damage done by previous generations. They have to face great powers - political, economic and religious that work for their own interests at the expense of others. It is up to us, parents, teachers and other adults, to help them prepare for that struggle.

We believe that globally and locally, there is a need for a fair distribution of power and resources, vital condition for justice, well-being and peace. In order to promote that there is a need to acknowledge that today's events are a result and a continuation of the wrongs done in the past and to take responsibility to act towards restoring and repairing all that is possible. Thus, Windows perceives itself as part of a growing local and international movement of people committed to face those challenges, and to make the world a better and safer place for all of us.

As a grassroots organization, Windows has a unique structure of Palestinians from both sides of the Green Line and Israeli Jews, on all level of the organization. We all share values of human rights and democracy and believe in the ability of individuals and small groups to make a difference.  

We came to the shared space of Windows with the belief that this land is a home to all of us, committed to change the imbalance of power that exist between our sides and recognizing that as allies we have more power to do it.

Each in her or his personal journey to where we are today had to deal with tough emotions and new information that often contradicted what we knew before. The Israelis among us realized that taking responsibility for some past events and giving up privileges can lead to a safer future. The Palestinians among us are encouraged knowing that in the Israeli society there are people who identify with the Palestinians' plight and ready to work together towards liberty, justice and equality that we all deserve.

Since 1994 Windows has empowered hundreds of young people to ask their own questions and become change agents in their communities by creating Windows' Hebrew-Arabic magazine and exposing tens of thousands on a regular base over periods of time to researched information about past and present events; 

This Alternative Media has been distributed in dozens of schools through school workshops adding to the standard curriculum topics rarely addressed; training programs for educators enable us to share our many years’ experience with others; a public program comprised of art projects, tours, lectures and workshops encourages open debate in a safe environment; solidarity actions make a difference in people's lives. 

Today, many of those who participated in Windows programs along the years, are part of the circles who promote the idea of a future based on justice and equality for all.

Windows' work is possible thanks to local and international support. your donation, big or small, helps us maintain our unique structure in these challenging times, share our many years experience, do more and have more impact!