Windows is a grassroots organization comprised of Palestinians from both sides of the Green Line and Jewish citizens of Israel that work, both separately and together, for life based on human rights' values: justice, liberty, dignity and equality. We believe that any situation of occupation, oppression and discrimination, be it physical or emotional, or any other violation of rights must end immediately and be prevented from taking place ever again.

We believe that both nations lived on this land and developed in it, each in its time, and therefore have the right to live here. We are inspired by times in history where Arabs and Jews were able to live together with mutual acceptance and respect and we strongly believe that creative political solutions can be found to enable such life once again. This can happen once enough people realize that measures of control, oppression and expulsion can only lead to violent resistance and more measures of oppression, that in turn push people to use more violence trying to achieve their rights.

We believe in the human spirit, in the ability of individuals to
promote change

We acknowledge the historical processes and events, locally and internationally, that led to the establishment of the State of Israel.  We also acknowledge the wrong that has been done to the Palestinian people since the idea of establishing the State of Israel began to materialize, through the 1948 and 1967 wars and continuing today. We recognize the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their land, which we see as no less than the right of the Jews to return, that was internationally accepted.

We believe in the human spirit and in the ability of individuals to promote change. As we are destined to share this land, we believe that working together we have more abilities and more power to shape a better future for our children. Established in 1991, we have shared days of fear and pain, days of joy and hope and days of disappointment and despair. While we do not always have answers for all our questions, we refuse to give up asking questions and are committed to keep searching, learning and coping together with what lies ahead.

Therefore, as an education organization we have taken upon ourselves the mission to create, encourage and strengthen perceptions that can promote a possibility for a political solution that answers the needs of all people for liberty, safety, citizenship and wellbeing. We see it as the vital condition for healthy and fare life and viable peace between our peoples and within them.