Reaching out to the general public

Since the opening of its first office in Tel Aviv-Jaffa* in 1999, Windows has been offering public events including documentary film screenings, tours, debates, lectures with artists, experts or activists, art exhibitions and more. The events take place in a familiar and respecting atmosphere, providing a safe space for sharing thoughts, experiences and feelings about the conflict. They offer food for thought and encourage deep reflection. 

The Programs wish to counter the mainstream media’s often one-sided and simplistic images of the other side, by offering a fresh and wider perspective, new and accurate information, and a place to engage with these issues together. 

These programs are designed to raise awareness of social and political issues that, in our opinion, are not represented well in the mainstream media. Through the program we encourage individuals to learn more about each other and the conflict, as well as provide a safe space for reflection and debate.

Some of Windows graduates are involved in arranging or participating in these events as part of continuing their activist work, thus mobilizing their local communities to learn and take action.

The Public Programs also provide a small but steady income that is channeled into our projects for youth.




* We are often asked why there is no parallel program for the Palestinian public in the communities we work with in the West Bank. Well, there is no symmetry in the situation. While the Israeli public in general has less information about life in the West Bank, Palestinians may be more informed about daily life in Israel. Palestinians often lack information about Jewish history, but being the oppressed side makes it harder to listen to the story of the oppressor. Nevertheless, the families of the participants from both sides occasionally meet each other, developing their own wider perspective through the stories their children share with them.