Who are we and why do we have a blog?


We are a group of Israeli/Jewish and Palestinian youth, ages 16-17, who participates in Windows’ youth program. The program allows us to learn and deal with the conflict in a safe way in which we all have an opportunity to think and express ourselves freely. In our activities, we go through a meaningful experience that enables us to learn about the past and the present through exploration and research without relying on the typical, national narratives. It is important for us to share with you this experience as well as the insights, disagreements and solutions that we reach. It is also important for us to face this reality together with you, the readers; to open doors to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and share relevant information not available to most youth.

We are open-minded youth and would like to hear opinions and ideas that are different from our own so that we can learn about and deal with the complexities of Israeli and Palestinian societies. You are invited to comment on our articles, so that we can discuss together and learn from one another, convince and be convinced. 

We created this blog in order to learn, together with you, how to increase justice and equality in all of our lives.