walking in the other's shoes

Seeing the ‘other side’ was a roller coaster of emotions. Eye opening, touching and stimulating all at the same time.
— Adina, participant of Windows' Nablus tour

Nablus TOUR

One of Windows' team members from Nablus will lead you through different areas of Nablus including Balata Refugee Camp, the old city, the Jacob Well church and more. We are offering you an opportunity to hear the stories of the local communities from hardships under occupation to the rich local culture.

Tours take place once a month. Our next Nablus tour will take place on July 29th, 2017. If you wish to order a private tour for a group, if you need more information or if you want to sign up for the upcoming tour, please contact us or check out our events on our Facebook page






Two local members of our Windows' team members from Jaffa, will lead you on a 3 hour tour, offering a historical overview, as seen by both sides, from ancient times until the 19th century, to give you a context to the conflict, guidance on the development of the conflict in Jaffa and Tel Aviv since the 19th century, and a glimpse into today's challenges and the way local activists, work together and separately, towards a change based on human rights. The tour includes a stop for local street food.

If you have more time the tour can continue through neighborhood of Florentine (in south of Tel Aviv) to tell the story of the internal challenges of Israeli society, including Mizrahim-Ashkenazim, work immigrants and asylum seekers, gentrification and more.
The tour can end in the office (south Tel Aviv) with Q&A / discussion.

For details, please contact us.