We are lucky to have a passionate and driven staff, including both local and international volunteers, making this important work possible. Our team, members, participants and supporters - all are part of Windows' community. 

In order to keep its independence, Windows relies mostly on public support. Therefore, Windows is truly grateful to the many members, donors and supporters who share our values and help us promote our vision. 

Besides the important financial support from our sponsors, Windows also has a small income from the Public Programs. All profits from public events, tours and the Arabic classes help to cover our overhead expenses, so public support can be channeled mostly into our youth programs.


* We believe that no one has the right to determine the identity of others. The definitions we use here were made by those active in Windows from each society. They don't necessarily represent all members of Windows, youth or participants. 


Windows is a grassroots, non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization, that does not have affiliation with any political party. 

Windows was established in 1990-91 by a group of Jewish and Palestinian*, educators and artists from Tel Aviv-Jaffa that wished to enable their children to grow up communicating with each other, learning from and about each other, preparing to live in a shared society as equals. We shared the belief that life based on equality, liberty, dignity and justice is possible and education is a good tool to promote it.

Since the beginning of 2000, Windows functions through a unique triangle framework with equal representation of Palestinians from the Occupied Territories (West Bank), Jewish Israelis, and Palestinian citizens of Israel. From the board of directors, our staff, to the participants themselves, this framework is present at all levels of the organization contributing to our broad perspectives. 

What Windows is today, is thanks to the many team members who worked with us along the years - board members and managers, program developers and editors, trainers and supervisors, facilitators, translators and coordinators, designers and photographers, cooks and drivers  - all took part in the development of the organization and its programs.


  TO OUR SUPPORTERS 2010-2015:

-          Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

-          Dr. Alfed Bader 

-          USAID

-    La Comune di Sant’Ilario d’Enza, Italy

-          Rayne Trust

-          The Woodward trust

-    The German Representative office,


-          Windows for Peace UK

-          Embassy of Switzerland, Israel

-          Fruedenberg Stiftung

-          Olivestone Trust

-          People’s Peace Fund

-          La Comune di Bagnaia, Italy

-          The Anna Lindh Foundation

- Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-violente


-          War Child Holland

-          Gavron Charitable Trust

-          Kennedy Leigh Charitable Trust

-          Anne Frank Fonds

-          Children of Peace

-          2 Flags – One Future

-          BSST

- Raja-Tikva


Our partners: Windows for Peace UK

Fund raising event organized by Windows for Peace UK.  An ongoing support Windows can rely on since 2005.  W  indows for Peace UK

Fund raising event organized by Windows for Peace UK.  An ongoing support Windows can rely on since 2005. Windows for Peace UK