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Perfect for you as an organisation or group of supporters



If you have the option to donate a bit more, or wish to take on a larger project as a group, you can support Windows by sponsoring a participant or a whole project. This is a great way for both you and Windows to earmark support to something tangible that without your support would not be possible.


What it means to sponsor a participant in our youth programs: 

  • Windows budgets for our youth projects including a participation fee for the youth - both to give participants a sense of taking responsibility for their own process and in order to help funding. However, many of our participants come from disadvantaged communities and cannot pay the full participation fee. Therefore, Windows offers a sliding scale - the youth pay as much as they can. Here, your support can fill the gap for one or several participants. 


What it means to sponsor a whole program: 

  • Our programs are made up of meetings, workshops, tours, seminars and more elements. While the basic funded program includes a certain number of such activities, there is often a need to add activities in order to answer the participants changing emotional needs. Adopting a project will help us cover such extra activities, but can also function to cover the basic funding of the projects.


Because we also really want to meet our sponsors, if you decide to become one, we will also offer you to come and meet the team and our participants. We also offer to take you on a fact-finding tour on both sides of the Green Line - showing the past and present as seen by both sides as well as a glimpse to the future.


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