Image by Dudu Geva

Image by Dudu Geva

The Arabic language courses are part of our Public Program in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, aiming to raise awareness of 'the other' and encourage direct communication between people. Language is the gateway to culture; it contains information about perceptions of the world and important symbols and values. Becoming familiar with a language, its words, sounds and aesthetics, is a way to realize the humanity in another culture. Windows offers Arabic Courses taught in either Hebrew or English and at various levels, from beginners to advanced.


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Arabic for English Speakers

Courses for advanced students have started already. The courses for beginners will start on May 12th, 2017, and will take place every Friday from 9 to 11am. This course is made of 8 two-hour classes. The cost for the full course is 800 NIS, and you can reserve your place in the class with a deposit of 350 NIS. Payments can be made through the payment link below.

The focus of the course for beginners is to give students the ability to hold conversations and to provide a solid foundation for further studies. Throughout the course, students gain:

   Familiarity with the structure of verbs in past, present and future tense, as well as noun conjugation.

• Basic vocabulary in the areas of: day-to-day activity, school, work, dining, traveling, direct action activities and more. In order to ensure the continuation of the course, students who leave before the end of the course cannot receive a refund. If there is space in any following course, they can enter it without charge. It is possible to join an ongoing course up until the third class for total beginners, depending on available space. 

For those who already possess basic language skills please contact us for more details.

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